Security Preventive

Definition of Centralization Risks

Centralization risks are vulnerabilities that can be exploited both by malicious developers of a project as well as malicious outside attackers. They can be taken advantage of in rug pulls, infinite minting exploits, and many other types of attacks. Litedex implement two securities to mitigate the problem. Network : BSC Mainnet
Multi-signature wallets
Timelock 6-hours
Litedex Assign the privileged roles to multi-signature wallets (3 of 5 signers).
Multi-signature proxy address : 0x76111cC93b32F9B83C45E0d3155995C6f40916aE
Internal multi-signature address.
  • Signer 1 : 0x3b63E928047A7Ec4fA54f226503522964d690a95
  • Signer 2 : 0x1651ceCaA1870a595282680F0f773ad34B142Fd0
  • Signer 3 : 0x067e2EdABEF143773A5748e5483EbEB0247961e1
  • Signer 4 : 0xCE0e6F69eB6D0BFe6149d8e6FaD87961Be31C4B2
  • Signer 5 : 0xF822eA79E74634F4bcad0D41E7f58bE3242c85C7
Litedex implement Time-lock with 6 hours latency, for awareness of privileged operations. Timelock Address : 0xA06b1A094A3d84f4D67d6210dD3e121870faaDAF Proposer Address : 0x76111cC93b32F9B83C45E0d3155995C6f40916aE Admin Address : 0x76111cC93b32F9B83C45E0d3155995C6f40916aE Executor Address : 0x76111cC93b32F9B83C45E0d3155995C6f40916aE
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