How to use Yield Farming


Yield Farming require the users to provide token pairs in order to earn the LP Tokens. LP tokens can be traded on Farming to generate LDX token rewards. And to get LP Tokens, you can add them in the Liquidity Pool. If you don't know how to add LP Tokens, you can understand this guide.

Choose Farming

Visit the Farming page and select the token pair you want to farm.

Providing liquidity

Once you find the LP Tokens to farm, you need to add the liquidity to get the desired LP Tokens.

1. After you visit the Farming Website, connect your Wallet with the LITEDEX platform, click "Connect Wallet" at the top right.

2. Select the Wallet that you use. In here, we use Metamask.

Then confirm your Wallet to connect to the LITEDEX platform.

3. Once Wallet is connected, the Connect Wallet button will change to your Address button, for example it looks like this.

4. Once the Wallet is connected, you can click the Farming row to view more details. For example, here we will choose the LDX-BNB token pair.

5. In more detailed view, you will see several links. Click “Get LDX-BNB LP” on the left.

6. And the Add Liquidity page will open a new page for your selected token pair.

Watch the video below :

If you need a guide on how to add liquidity, you can follow the How to Add & Remove Liquidity guide and customize it with your chosen token pair.

Putting LP Tokens into the Farm

In the previous tutorial, we assumed you have Added Liquidity or already have a pair of LP Tokens.

1. On the Farming page, you can place the LP Token according to the LP Token line you have. Here we have previously owned LDX-BNB LP Tokens. Click anywhere on the line that represents your token pair.

2. Enter the number of LP Tokens in the detail section on the right.

If you have entered the amount, you can click “Farm” to execute.

3. And your Wallet will ask for confirmation of the transaction.

4. Done! You have successfully Farm.

Watch the video below :

Add or remove LP Tokens from Farming

If you want to add, delete, reducing and withdraw from Farming, it can be easily done.

Removing LP Tokens

1. On the Farming page, search for the Farm where you have the LP Token, and click on any row to see more details.

2. In the detail section on the right, click “Remove”.

3. Here we have Balance LP 6.362 and need to reduce by 1. Enter the amount you want to reduce, then click “Remove”.

4. Your wallet will ask for confirmation of the transaction. Wait for a moment until your LP balance decreases as what you have entered. Here our balance is initially 6.362 and was reduced by 1, after the transaction completed. Our LP balance became 5.362 which means the transaction was successful. If you have released your LP Tokens, all unharvested rewards will be automatically collected.

Watch the video below :

Adding LP Token

1. On the Farming page, locate the Farm where you have the LP Token, and click on any row to see more details.

2. In the detail section on the right, ensure the words "Farm" are in green, which means the condition is active, and vice versa if the words "Remove" are in green too.

3. Enter the amount you need. In here for example we need to add 10 Balance LP. Then click "Farm".

4. And Wallet will then ask for your confirmation.

5. Transaction successful.

Watch the video below :

Redeem Profit

1. Visit the Farming page.

2. Find your Farming, and click on any part of the page to display the details.

3. In the detail section on the right, click “Harvest” to collect all Farming rewards.

4. Wallet will ask for confirmation of the transaction and wait till the process to complete.

5. Profit collection successful! You can check your Wallet for balance.

Watch the video below :

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