How to make a Wallet

Wallet is available on smartphones and desktop computers/web browsers (Android/IOS). You must use the Wallet as needed. For traders who often use the smartphones, you can install it on your smartphone. And for traders who often using desktop, you can use the Wallet on your desktop computer or web browser.

You can find Wallet information, and how to install it below.

Metamask is a popular browser extension and as a cryptocurrency Wallet connected to the Ethereum blockchain. Metamask supports Decentralized Applications (DApps) and one of the best Ethereum Wallet solutions compatible with multiple browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Brave, and Microsoft Edge.

Guide to creating a Wallet on Metamask

  • Smartphone (Guide not available)

  • Desktop/Web Browser

How to create a Metamask Wallet

1. Visit the page

2. After visiting the website, the screen will appear as shown below.

In this tutorial, we will provide how to install in Browser (Chrome). Click "Install Metamask for Chrome".

3. Wait for the process, until a new tab appears with a display shown as below.

You can Click "Add to Chrome", then there will be a notification.

Click "Add extension" and wait for the extension download process to complete.

4. The new tab displays this.

You Click "Get Started" to continue.

5. If you already have a Metamask Wallet, you can click "Import Wallet" to import the private you previously had. But in this tutorial, we will only create a Metamask Wallet.

You can continue creating by clicking "Create a Wallet".

6. Metamask informs to help improve Metamask by collecting usage data.

If you want to help Metamask, you can click "I Agree". But In this tutorial, We will click "No Thanks".

7. The next process is to create a password.

We recommend to use a unique password. After you have entered the password, click the "I have read and agree to the Terms of Use" checkbox and click "Create".

8. For security reasons, Metamask provides short videos to learn your recovery phrases, and how to keep your Wallet safe. We highly recommend watching it as to understand it well.

If you have understood well, you can click "Next".

9. You can view the phrase by clicking "CLICK HERE TO REVEAL SECRET WORDS" and you write the displayed phrase. After that click "Next".

10. Confirm the phrase in the order and you have them by clicking word by word. And if it has been confirmed correctly, you can click "Confirm".

11. Congratulations you have created a Metamask Wallet. You can click "All Done" to see the Metamask Wallet that has been created.

If you want to know more about Metamask, you can visit the Official Website here.

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